Realizing Your Dreams

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Oct 05 2023

For any desire to be realized by you,Realizing Your Dreams Articles or before anything can manifest in your life experience, there must be vibrational compatibility between your desires and your beliefs (The Secret). This is an exceptionally important statement to understand!

Many people think that they understand the concepts behind manifestation and then become frustrated because their life isn’t changing in the way they would like it to. They say their affirmations, they create their dream board, but they don’t take a look at what they really believe about their worth or their ability to deserve.

All of our beliefs are broadcast from our chakras, which create much of our auric fields of energy. This broadcast then attracts to it situations in your life that match your belief system (Law of Attraction). You are creating your life from your beliefs and you can’t change your life or manifest what you really want until you change some of what you believe.

What most people don’t realize is that beliefs are choices-nothing more. You can actually change your broadcast, by simple deciding to believe differently.

All of your actions are rooted in your belief system. Although most of your beliefs were formed as a child, you still have a choice whether to follow them. If you do not like what you believe, you can change it. As an adult, you have full control of your beliefs. To change, however, you must take a long, scrutinizing look at your particular belief structure and understand why it exists and if you want to continue embracing it. When you examine your beliefs, look for the strong messages you received as a child and others that you developed as an adult. You may not yet realize that these strong messages usually constitute a major portion of your core belief structure and hold an incredible amount of power. Write these beliefs, or messages, down on paper in a list form. Keep the sentences short for easy reading. Again, you are searching for the core or foundation of a belief, not the philosophy behind it.

After you have completed your list, write down what you would rather believe. This is the time to be co-creative and to use your imagination to construct a list that is ideal. Create a belief system that will support you, love you, and work for you, not against you. There are no rules, except that you do this exercise in its entirety. (See Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart, page 57.)

The following is a composite of the common belief statements I hear from my clients: Remember: For any desire to be realized by you, or before anything can manifest in your life experience, there must be vibrational compatibility between your desires and your beliefs:

The desire: I want more money. The belief: I am so tired of not being able to afford the things that I want to do. [This belief is not a match for the desire.] Change the belief to: I am so glad that each and everyday I am able to afford more things. My life is continually improving. [This belief is match for the desire.]

The desire: I want a better relationship with my employer. The belief: My boss doesn’t realize the value that I offer, and he is just a plain-o-grouch. [This belief is not a match for desire.] Change the belief to: I feel good about the work I do, regardless if anyone notices it. I do quality work. [This is a match for desire.]

The desire: I want to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. I want to loose weight!!! The belief: It is really difficult, almost impossible to maintain the body weight that I desire without strenuous exercise and depriving myself of the foods I like to eat. [This belief is not a match for desire.] Change the belief to: It is possible for me to find a comfortable lifestyle that will give me the results that I want. [This belief is a match for the desire,] (Ester Hicks, The Secret)

As you review your list and discern the nature of your current belief system, remember that it represents choice. If it does not reflect what you desire, discard it. Let your imagination go and create a new belief system. Then read that list over and over again. Engage yourself in the envisioning of living that new belief system.

Your lists may look entirely different from the examples that I gave. That is good. In fact, you need to develop your own personal profile. These are just examples to trigger your own thinking. The important thing is to remember that whatever beliefs you choose will manifest into your own reality as you add energy to them. Be good to yourself. Give yourself the best and have fun with this assignment.

This is the first step in the process of bringing a new belief system into reality. In the beginning, it may feel uncomfortable, but let that be. Use your imagination and create. Give yourself permission to explore and create new possibilities. If you cannot imagine something as being possible, then you are not going to have it. But if you can imagine the possibility, you are already on your way to creating it.

Your new belief system may even feel comfortable, like a familiar truth that automatically resonates with your soul. If this happens, realize that your soul is responding to a truth and letting you know about it through a feeling.

Remember to keep putting energy into your new belief. Buy books that will reinforce it, talk about it, gather with people of like minds-all of these acts will add energy to the new beliefs and help them to multiply. Do not be victimized by old belief systems handed to you as a child, especially if they are causing hardships in your life now. Do something about it.

Self-worth and the quality of deserving are at the core of every money issue I have ever encountered while working with a client. Look closely at what you really believe about yourself. Again, underlying belief systems can be hidden from immediate view, but we can discover (or uncover?) them.

Be honest with yourself. You may need to start at the very core to understand how you truly feel about yourself-your self-love. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, keep looking at the issue of love. Love is what the universe is based on-you must not lose sight of this. Love includes self-love. In fact, self-love is the most important. When you love yourself, you will make quality decisions for yourself, which will directly influence every other relationship you have, including your relationship with money.