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Aug 05 2023

With global warming becoming an important issue nowadays,Guest Posting more and more people are becoming eco-friendly. Government is also encouraging recycling policies to be practiced and implemented in the everyday running of homes. A very important element of being energy efficient is by reducing the energy spent on heating and cooling systems of your home. Most of the people use radiant heating that wastes heat rather than conserving it and also means huge energy bills and electric underfloor heating is one of them.

Today almost any engineer or plumbing specialist will tell you that electric underfloor heating is the best choice for installing a heating system at your home or office. Many homes and public buildings have taken up the idea of getting an underfloor heating specialist to install underfloor heating systems for reducing energy wastage and also to create an even flow of heat in each of the room. Their efforts have not got wasted and it has reduced the heating bills of many companies and homes.

Installations of these electric heating systems is also quite cost effective and gets completed in a short span of time, which saves harassment and time wastage of people. On the other hand the traditional method of hydronic heating creates many problems like elevating the floor by a couple of inches, takes a lot of time to heat up, consumes more energy, cost of installation and operation is also more and requires constant maintenance and repairs. Besides, electric heating underfloor heating systems are easy to control with the help of a thermostat.

Electric underfloor heating is done with the help of heating pads and ducted heaters. They come in a variety of forms like ribbon heating mats, electric floor heating mats and cables, carbon film heating strips etc. All heating warm air heating cables, mats and pads are completely waterproof and hence can be installed in outdoor wet areas like swimming pools surround, wet rooms, bathrooms, etc.

This is how an electric underfloor heating system works. The heating cables have twin core resistance wire conductors, an earth braid and also a protective waterproof outer jacket of Teflon or PVC. The electric current passes through these resistance wires and heat up the cable up to a certain given temperature that depends on the designing of the heating cable. It ranges between 100 to 200 watts per meter square.

A thermostat controls the floor temperature between 27 to 28 degree C. the basic advantage of electric heating cables is that there is flexibility for the installer to place them in any design configuration and secure them with a tape. Heating mats can also be used for larger areas.

Bryant and York are two major companies that produce electric underfloor heating equipments besides geo thermal and induction heating systems.