Delicious Harira Soup in a Luxury Hotel in Marrakech

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Sep 09 2023

Its geographical location has been crucial for the coming and settling of several ethnic groups and tribes, such as Arabs, Africans or Berber Amazighs, that have created the country’s rich and varied present society.

All these factors are behind this fantastic rich heritage, which is reflected in most aspects of everyday life. Gastronomy in Morocco is one of these aspects, a wonderful source of pleasure and history where we can discover countless images and past traces representing every face of Moroccan society and history. The Harira soup (also known as “Lahrira”) is one of the most popular meals in Morocco, not only because it is quite rich and delicious, but also because it is beneficial for health and has a great symbolism.

Lahrira is a traditional Moroccan soup, possibly the favourite one for the majority of Moroccans, especially in rural areas. It is always served hot, it is rich and tasty –sometimes even slightly spicy- and is an excellent snack to recharge your batteries during your tour of the medina or to warm Hotel spa alsace up during the cold winter days.

There are several types of Harira soup in Morocco. There is, for instance, the red harira, which consists of meat, tomatoes, water, flour and some pasta, lentils, spices, and some natural plants and herbs. There is also another type of Harira soup called Lahssouwa, which is lighter than the first one and it can consist of several ingredients, including olive oil, spices, milk or water, as well as different types of flour.

The Harira soup is taken in many occasions for different purposes, including but not limited to the sheer pleasure of it! But mostly, the Harira soup is an absolute must in all Moroccan tables during the month of Ramadan (the month of fasting for Muslims), because it is has always been considered as a symbol of brotherhood and strong social relationships. But it can also be served for breakfast in the winter, especially in the mountain areas.